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Paul @pk Pereyda Karayan

(the unauthorised autobiography)

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What’s Included with PK

  • 15+ year Silicon Valley career
  • Duke University and UC Berkeley (Organic Chemistry) degrees - lightly used
  • Currently CISO at Opto Investments ( )
  • Startup Generalist across business and software engineering roles. Solves hard problems that matter(tm)
  • Early employee at winning companies like LiveOps, The Climate Corporation, Addepar,, and Opto Investments (>$5 Billion of market value, so far)
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But wait, there’s more!

PK loves product discovery, building software around data, and business development/forward deployed engineering. But what else is a PK good for?

  • Writes lively Python and lurks at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu San Mateo
  • Frequently outshined by wife and 3 young children
  • Reads (sci fi, science, history, non-fiction), listens to lots of music (metal, punk, hardcore, electronic, classical - among other things), and info dumps on the unwitting (ye shall see all in the blog posts)
  • Bricoleur, 3x engineer, and Digital Warlord
  • Considers an AI melded image of him with his cat a good idea for a professional website
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